Vedic Astrology

Soul Invictus


Jyotisha, the Science of Light

Vedic Astrology is known in India as Jyotisha, the Science of Light. This a deep, and ancient system of studying the Sun, Moon, planets and stars as a path to knowledge. The saptagraha - Sun, Moon, and planets - are said to be the bodies of devatas, beings radiating divine light. These saptagraha, along with the lunar nodes and a host of other celestial beings, are consciously playing a role in our lives, and guiding our souls along a path of illumination. 

Far from being a predictive or fatalistic science, Vedic Astrology is a lens through which we may peer at our deepest selves, and into the heart of the cosmos. 


I live in the coastal town of Gualala, California alongside a community of Kundalini Yoga teachers. We are blessed with the guidance of Gurubhai Singh, a master of Kundalini Yoga whose teachings inform and infuse my understanding of astrology. I have been graciously imparted my knowledge of Vedic Astrology by the eminent Jyotishi Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa, in the lineage of Pt. Sanjay Rath. 

Vedic Astrology speaks through me as a recognition of the rich harmonies that pervade our cosmos, and to which we dance whether we know it or not.

Soul Invictus

Sol Invictus, the Sun Unconquerable, was a deity held in high esteem in the late Roman Empire.

A Jyotishi, or Vedic Astrologer, is referred to in the ancient texts as Surya Das, a servant of the Sun. The Sun is the soul of our solar system.

In a person's natal chart, the Sun is the karaka, or significator, of the Soul. In our innermost being, we radiate a sublime light, that in truth can never be hid under a bushel. 

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