• sarabprakash

A Foretelling of 2020 - Part One

A year for Mercury - at this moment, Mercury is rising over the eastern horizon. This is his hour, his day, and his month.

Mercury is swiftly making his way toward Jupiter - a most auspicious of conjunctions.

Mercury and Jupiter depend on each other. Jupiter is the giver of wisdom, and Mercury creates communication. Without wisdom, words have no value. Without a means of communication, wisdom has no value. The meeting of Jupiter and Mercury is called Guru-Shishya Yoga, the meeting of Guru and disciple. Most scriptures are transcriptions of the dialogue between teacher and student. These meetings bear invaluable fruit not only for the student present, but for all those who are witness in the times to come.

Their meeting takes place in Sagittarius, the sign of the battlefield. In what is almost a cliché in the traditions of India, this is like the meeting of Krishna and Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra, where the former thought the situation to be opportune for the transmission of high spiritual knowledge. As such, we may all expect that the wisdom that we are to receive is not to be found in a book, a YouTube video, or an ephemeral thought, but on the battlefield of life.

Where is this battlefield? An ancient dictum of Vedic Astrology states that the place of any given conjunction is to be found in the 4th house from the conjunction itself. We would, therefore, anticipate this meeting to take place in Pisces. For the following ascendent signs:

Aries: In meditation, where the individual self must be sacrificed.

Taurus: In all of your aspirations in the world, especially financial.

Gemini: In the workplace.

Cancer: In your relationship to religion, or a system of spiritual teachings.

Leo: In the depths of the psyche, where the seeds for all our life circumstances lay dormant.

Virgo: In your negotiations between yourself and the outside world - this can be with your partner, or in business relationships.

Libra: Conflicts with enemies, or illness. This can be your own illness, or the illness of others if you are a healer.

Scorpio: Your children, students, or other people who depend on you. Your proficiency as a leader is tested.

Sagittarius: In the home itself - with a partner, if you have one.

Capricorn: In your ability to strive, struggle and fight in life - conflicts may arise with friends or siblings.

Aquarius :With your larger family or community.

Pisces: With self-identity itself, with physical health, and mental health.

This conjunction is accompanied by the presence of many others. Ketu, the eclipse point of the Moon, looms just ahead of Jupiter. This is another auspicious meeting that calls upon the power of one's spiritual lineage. The Sun makes his way toward Saturn, with their conjunction occurring on January 13. This represents, for all of us, the meeting of two currents. The Sun is devoted exclusively to the fulfilment of duty, and to dependability and consistency in all actions. Saturn gives the habits that are engrained in us that can be self-serving, non-sensical, and neglectful. This conjunction serves to polarise these ways of living.

By this time, Mercury has moved into the sign of Capricorn - during this period we may find it difficult to communicate with others, we may struggle with learning, and we may experience financial difficulties.

By January 24, Sagittarius has become more spacious, with only Jupiter and Ketu remaining. Capricorn, on the other hand, is busy with activity - a general indication for hubbub in the workplace. There is a New Moon during this period, and there may be a lack of company leadership, or some event that takes whoever is in charge out of commission temporarily. The extent to which this affects, or is noticed by the workplace is according to the personal strength of that leader.

Saturn has moved into Capricorn, where he will remain for the rest of the year. This is a good indication. It means that Saturn will not give us much sorrow this year - his resources are depleted in Capricorn. Saturn means well in this sign, which is his home. Here, he urges us to work swiftly and methodically.

On February 7, Venus moves into Pisces, where she is exalted. This is a good indication for the fulfilment of one's desires. Whatever signs that Venus rules in a person's chart, those areas can flourish:

Aries: Family/community and marriage.

Taurus: Personal strength and self-restraint.

Gemini: Spiritual fulfilment and children/students/creative work toward the future.

Cancer: Financial gains, social sphere and the home.

Leo: Career and the strength to fight.

Virgo: Adherence to one's true purpose, and community.

Libra: Transformation of oneself, illuminating your own blindspots.

Scorpio: Spiritual fulfilment and marital/business relationships.

Sagittarius: Financial gains, social sphere, and self-restraint.

Capricorn: Career, and children/students/creative work toward the future.

Aquarius: Adherence to one's true purpose, and the home.

Pisces: Transformation of oneself, and the strength to fight.

On this day, Mars also prepares to enter Sagittarius. He has been building strength in Scorpio, and is now prepared to enter the proverbial battlefield of Sagittarius. He will not find any enemies, here. Only his wise counsellor, Jupiter, and his faithful warriors, Ketu. This is a period of triumph for the sign of Sagittarius, as given for the following ascendent signs:

Aries: Adherence to your true purpose.

Taurus: Transformation of yourself, a rebirth.

Gemini: Marriage and business dealings.

Cancer: Conflicts with enemies or illness.

Leo: Children, students and creative work toward the future.

Virgo: The home and emotional wellbeing.

Libra: Your ability to struggle and fight.

Scorpio: Your family or community.

Sagittarius: Your personal strength and presence.

Capricorn: Your spiritual fulfilment.

Aquarius: For financial gains and social mobility.

Pisces: In your career.

That being said, the meeting of Mars and Ketu is a tempestuous one. On this day, February 24, we can expect an outbreak of violence worldwide. This is a passing phenomenon that is tempered by the nearby presence of Jupiter, who encourages goodwill and good sense.

On March 14, the Sun moves into the sign of Pisces. This is the Sun as the universal soul, and we can have high hopes that this light will shine through our world governments to create some semblance of human unity during this thirty-day-long period.

On March 28, Venus and the Moon come together in Taurus. This is an intensely emotional meeting where we are overtaken by our desires and overcome by sentimentality. The focus of this conjunction will be indicated by the sign of Scorpio for the following ascendent signs:

Aries: There may be some self-destructive tendencies - these should be reoriented toward self-transformation.

Taurus: For one's partner, or whoever is the subject of one's emotional and sexual desires.

Gemini: There is a great humility and desire to serve.

Cancer: Toward one's children, students, whoever one is responsible for - or your own creative ventures.

Leo: The home, toward finding an inner coziness that does not come naturally.

Virgo: Toward striving for one's goals, and fighting for what one desires.

Libra: One's community or family.

Scorpio: Toward oneself - there may be some narcissistic tendencies.

Sagittarius: Spiritual yearning, toward that which we believe is hidden from us.

Capricorn: For financial aspirations and upward social mobility.

Aquarius: To nurture one's career.

Pisces: To adhere to one's true purpose, a devotion to your teachers and other sources of wisdom.

On March 31, Saturn and Mars have come together in Capricorn. Though Mars is exalted in Capricorn, he is tempered by the presence of Saturn. Worldwide, we may see that there are high aggressions between peoples or nations - these aggressions are prevented from catching afire by Saturn, who represents the people at large. The recalcitrance of the masses will serve to prevent acts of aggression.

Meanwhile, Jupiter has also moved into the sign of Capricorn, from his long transit through Sagittarius. Jupiter's strength is compromised in Capricorn. We may be lacking in wisdom and good sense That being said, his presence is still felt, and will compel us to struggle toward the implementation of good sense. Effects are to be felt in these areas of life for the following ascendent signs:

Aries: Your career and workplace.

Taurus: Your relationship to your teachers and other sources of wisdom.

Gemini: The illumination of your blindspots and the ability to transform yourself.

Cancer: Your marriage and business dealings.

Leo: Conflicts with enemies and illness.

Virgo: Children, students, and your creative ventures.

Libra: The home and emotional wellbeing.

Scorpio: Your ability to put a fight, and when to. You may struggle with listening to and incorporating wisdom.

Sagittarius: Your family or community.

Capricorn: Your relationship to yourself.

Aquarius: Your spiritual fulfilment.

Pisces: Your financial and social aspirations.

On April 7, Mercury moves into the sign of Pisces. Here, our ability to use logic, to communicate and to manage money is somewhat lacking. We are, however, able to let go of the thinking mind, which can allow us to see the whole picture of any given situation or area of study. Mercury is governing these areas of life for the following ascendent signs:

Aries: The ability to discern and communicate in conflict, and in dealing with your own vices.

Taurus: In your communications with our family/community, your management of wealth, your use of your voice, and in communications with children, students and other people who you are responsible for.

Gemini: Communicating yourself to others, in self-discernment, and in your emotional wellbeing.

Cancer: Your spiritual aspirations, and your ability to stay self-contained in your conflicts with others.

Leo: Your financial and social aspirations, and your family/community.

Virgo: Self-containment within yourself, and your career and working environment.

Libra: Keeping yourself calm, in a meditative state - and your adherence to your true purpose.

Scorpio: Your financial aspirations and social sphere, and discerning the unseen regions of your psyche.

Sagittarius: Your career and workplace, and marriage/business relationships.

Capricorn: Adherence to your true purpose, and in self-restraint when it comes to your vices.

Aquarius: In staying self-contained when you are undergoing personal transformation, and your children, students or other people who you are responsible for.

Pisces: Your romantic partnerships and home life.

On April 13, the Sun has gone into Aries. This is where the highest ideals of the Sun come forward. He is like an inspired king with lofty values, who is not able himself to go out and fight for them. Nevertheless, he carries a regal bearing. We will experience a cutting discernment of truth in these realms of life, with an insistence that all actions should be performed with great dignity:

Aries: You, yourself, acquire a royal bearing. While you will see truth clearly and lead others well, this should not lead to a sense of entitlement.

Taurus: You see deeply into yourself, and into the whole of the cosmos - your dignity will come forward as a deep humility.

Gemini: You see clearly into your social sphere, and become a shining light therein. You can provide great leadership and high philosophy to those who surround you.

Cancer: You can become a great leader in your workplace - the Sun is in high strength here, like at high noon.

Leo: The Sun is your own ascendent ruler, and you can embody his qualities. You will have a strong adherence to your own sense of purpose, and in the implementation of righteousness in the world at large.

Virgo: The Sun serves to illuminate your blindspots and provide a guiding light as you undergo your self-transformations.

Libra: In your romantic relationships - whatever has been hidden, the Sun will bring into the light.

Scorpio: In your ability to purify yourself, to restrain your temptations, and to purify yourself.

Sagittarius: In your nurturing of your children, students, and other people who you are responsible for. You may also gain great knowledge in your area of study, and insight into the future.

Capricorn: The depths of your emotions are brought into the light, an uncomfortable experience. But, you feel at home inside yourself.

Aquarius: You may feel like fighting a lot to defend what you feel is right, but ensure that you are really right before you do it. You will have a tendency to think you know best, and will ignore the counsel of those who are wiser.

Pisces: You can become a great source of consolation to your family and community.

These detailed results are through the first quarter of 2020 - more to follow for the last three legs of the year!

Some more highlights for the year of 2020, with more details to come:

By mid-may, Mars has entered Aquarius. There is a cruelty that is present in high society, and is also being reflected by intellectuals who are in the public eye.

On May 25, Mercury conjoins Rahu, the eclipse point of the Sun. There is widespread financial mismanagement in the world, and deceptive communication of all varieties.

On June 3, Venus conjoins the Sun, and there are likely to be revelations of sexual impropriety on the part of political leaders.

On July 2, Jupiter has moved back into Sagittarius! The world's voices of wisdom are really digging their heels in.

On August 3, Venus conjoins Rahu, the solar eclipse point - there will be much debauchery.

By September, Mars has entered the sign of Aries. He's in the mood to fight, and probably will be, too.

In November, the Sun has entered Libra - governments are at a weak point, and there will likely be worldwide feminist social movements that are led by younger people, teenagers or children.

In December, Venus has attained a fighting power in Libra. This is a powerful time for the rise of the feminine energy all over the world.

On New Year's Eve, 2020, there are high tensions between Venus, the power of the feminine, and Mars, who represents an aggressive masculinity. These tensions are not taking place out in the open, but within the psyche of all people, and in the underbelly of our society. Venus being aligned with the eclipse points, this day holds a highly polarised magnetism.