• sarabprakash

Ayana -The Path of the Sun

The journey of the Sun over the year is called ayana, movement toward an end. From winter solstice to summer solstice is uttara ayana, an increase of the Sun's light, and from summer solstice to winter solstice is dakshina ayana, a retreat into darkness. So this month reaches the point of reversal, where the Sun's light begins growing throughout the spring til summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

The Suns confers a certain power on each planet, called ayana bala, that endows it with light. Planets that hold this power illuminate a certain path that the person is destined to walk. Ayana bala is associated with the moment of spring equinox, when the night and day are of equal length - this is the true beginning of the year, when the earth is inundated with the waters of life. As such, this particular strength of planets is associated with rainfall, considered a blessing of the gods.

Naam Niranjan Nir Narayan: The name of the Pure Lord is as ambrosial water.

Narayana, a name for divinity as the ambrosial waters, being a composite of the phrase "Nara Ayana", "Path of all People".

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