• sarabprakash

Daily Present-Cast, December 10 2019

The fourteenth day of the lunar cycle: God is in all four directions.

In all worlds, His radiant glory is perfect.

The One God is diffused in the ten directions.

Behold Gold in all the earth and sky.

In the water, on the land, in the forests and mountains, and in the nether regions of the underworld,

the Merciful Transcendent Lord is abiding.

The Lord God is in all mind and matter, subtle, and manifest.

O Nanak, the Gurmukh realises God.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji

When two planets pass by one another in sky, they are said to be in yuddha, a state of war. Depending on their dispositions, this can take the form of a spirited debate or violent altercation. Saturn and Venus are in yuddha today. At this moment, Saturn is holding more resources, more skill, and greater focus than Venus - this is correlated to the latitude, longitude and distance from ecliptic. All of this means that discipline triumphs over desire for the time being, though Venus is unscathed owing to her natural strength.

All of this mirrors a similar conjunction in President Trump's 12th house of Venus and Saturn, and today's conjunction occurring in his 5th house of political rule. He remains in a position of high influence with those are emotionally attached to him until June, when Venus conjoins the Sun.

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