• sarabprakash

Daily Present-Cast, December 23, 2019

Jupiter in Sagittarius is usually an objective enforcer of righteousness and good will, and a source of wisdom. The presence of Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius are distorting the influence of Jupiter. Saturn is unconcerned with righteousness and is purely practical. Ketu doesn't believe in anything. 

The approach of the Sun toward Jupiter can cleanse this distortion. This is a condition called astangata where the meeting of a planet with the Sun temporarily burns away the presence of the planet, and its influence disappears. When the planet emerges from the meeting, it has been weakened, but purified. 

This means Jupiter, who represents a holistic wisdom that embraces all of creation, has been fortified to face the influence of Ketu, who casts wisdom into the void, and Saturn, who is uninterested in and incapable of absorbing wisdom. 

So all is well in bhuva loka, in the realm of the planets and other cosmic forces. On the ground, events can take on a much different character that does not reflect what is happening with the planets in a direct manner. For example - the Sun being the ascendent lord of Donald Trump, it is likely that this week, Trump is wielding heavy influence over a Jupiter person, or people - lawmakers - in a state of secrecy, owing to the placement in his chart. The character of the Sun in his chart is such that it does not carry a holy and purifying air. A dictum related to the conjunction of planets would state that the aforementioned meeting is taking place in Pisces, the sign of the ocean, fitting as Trump is spending the week at Mar-A-Lago. All of this also means that had the impeachment proceedings happened this coming week, they may have gone differently.