• sarabprakash

Daily Present-Cast, December 3, 2019

Mars is the primary influence on the Sun for the next two weeks. With Mars with Mercury in Libra, can be seen in recent trade wars, Libra being the marketplace. The secondary influence is Ketu, and there is undoubtedly a huge amount of disinformation dispersion and informational subterfuge at play.

The conjunction of Mars and Mercury is legalistic, an aggressive form of deliberation and debate. Within oneself they are ill-disposed to one another - Mercury being childlike, unbeholden to boundaries, and Mars being disciplined and highly possessive.

Thus spake Guru Nanak:

When the body is imbued with Truth and contentment,

the seven seas are filled with the immaculate water.

Bathing in good conduct, and contemplating the True Lord within the heart,

one obtains the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and carries everyone across.

With the True Lord in the mind, and the True Lord lovingly on one's lips,

one is blessed with the banner of Truth, and meets no obstructions.