• sarabprakash

Daily Present-Cast, December 6 2019

Guru Nanak:

On Friday, keep up - savour and complete your fast.

Day and night, work to master yourself. 

When you discipline your five senses,

you will not waste your gaze on another. 

Venus is squarely in the midst of Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter. Venus is the guru of the Asuras, powerful beings motivated by desire and dominion, who contend with the more well-intentioned Devas, beings of light and goodwill. The more contentious qualities of Venus were recognised by the Mayans, who waged war only when Venus rose over the horizon. Such is the other side of Venus, who inspired the Trojan War and many other incidents of intense and wanton violence, and gave the notion that all is fair in love and war. 

Ahead is Saturn, representing the Asura Sena, the warriors who serve the Asuras. The coming together of Venus and Saturn is a strategic meeting in the midst of their opponent. Jupiter and Ketu are the guru to the Devas, and their military might, respectively. It is a strongly polarised conflict of cosmic proportions that plays itself out on the earth plane on a large scale, as in political proceedings, and in the minute, as in within a person. Such imagery was used by any Raj Jyotishi worth their salt to guide their patron through matters both diplomatic and bellicose. 

The aforementioned meetings occur in Sagittarius, the natural sign of the battlefield, where Jupiter holds great wisdom, and Ketu is at his highest strength. The circumstances are weighted much in their favour.