• sarabprakash

Daily Present-Cast, November 30 2019

Venus approaches Ketu and Saturn in the coming days to form Tapasvi Yoga, a planetary arrangement found in the natal charts of ascetics and other cheerful travellers on the path. Such an arrangement compels one to restrain their desirous nature with great severity. It also means that their desires become oriented toward discipline and detachment. For any given birth chart, the effects are felt in the signs of Taurus and Libra.

On this day of the lunar cycle, Guru Nanak says:

The fifth day of the lunar cycle: 

They are the self-elect, the most distinguished, who know the true nature of the world.

The many colors and scents of flowers - all worldly deceptions are transitory and false.

People do not see, and they do not understand - they do not reflect upon anything.

The world is pierced through with attachment to tastes and pleasures, engrossed in ignorance.

Those who perform empty religious rituals will be born, only to die again. 

They wander through endless incarnations.

They do not meditate in remembrance on the Creator Lord - their minds do not understand.

By loving devotion to the Lord God, you shall not be polluted by Maya at all.

O Nanak, how rare are those, who are not engrossed in worldly entanglements.