• sarabprakash

December 28, 2019 - Mars in Scorpio

Just a few days ago, Mars made his way into Scorpio. This is Mars not as the warrior, but as a tantrika, someone who manipulates the forces of the unseen. This transit continues through February 8, 2020.

Results for each ascendent:

Aries: Mars has entered the 8th house, and you may desire deep seclusion. The 8th house is like a hidden-away cave. From here, you peer into yourself deeply, to see the primal causes for your life circumstances, the debts that you owe others, and what is owed to you. Mars is the significator for brothers - if you have one, he may be involved.

Taurus: Mars has entered the 7th house, and your interactions with the world - especially with your intimate partner - may be tinged with deep-seated anger. Be wary of attempts by yourself, or by your parter - to attempt to dominate each other way of subversive patterns like passive aggression.

Gemini: Mars has entered the 6th house, where he is a strong enforcer of celibacy. This is not a bad idea during this transit, and will encourage self-discipline in other areas too.

Cancer: Mars has entered the 5th house, where you will focus on staying seated on the throne in your life - by any means necessary.

Leo: Mars has entered the 4th house, the place of the home, and our emotional wellbeing. There may be anger that comes from an unseen spring - with Mars being the lord of the 9th house of your chart, it may be related to your father or anyone who represents a father figure, like a boss or teacher.

Virgo: Mars has entered the 3rd house - this is a great placement for Mars, because it is the house of willpower. You should use this transit to hone in on a subtle mastery of your ability to persuade and persevere.

Libra: Mars has entered the 2nd house, the place where your nourishment comes from, and where your family lives - whether it is your biological family, or your family of friends. There may be strife here - you, the Libra ascendent, has a keen ability to mediate and dissipate these conflicts.

Scorpio: Mars has entered the ascendent itself, and you can embody his energy. This is a period for intense introspection - this introspection will lead to practical knowledge, and a subtle mastery of your own world.

Sagittarius: Mars has entered the 12th house. For those who are seeking a romantic partner, be wary of those who come during this transit. For those who are not, this can be a powerful period for spiritual work that brings you past the limits of the individual self.

Capricorn: Mars has entered the 11th house, and may encounter many obstacles to your aspirations. They hold a certain danger - unless you are well equipped to deal with them, let the transit pass by before pressing forward.

Aquarius: Mars has entered the 10th house, where he acquires an unstoppable strength. There is an excellent time for charging forward in your career, though it may not look like charging forward - it is really about turning your fire inwards and generating intense heat within.

Pisces: Mars has entered the 9th house, the place where we fulfil our purpose in the world. With Mars as the lord of the 2nd house, this likely involves you using your voice to soothe and counsel others. This is a time where it may be appropriate to use some force - to poke, provoke, and confront.