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Full Moon in Taurus, December 11, 2019

The Moon is full in Taurus at 9:10 PM, tonight.

The Day of the Full Moon: God alone is perfect, and is the all-powerful cause of all causes.

The Lord is kind and compassionate to all beings and creatures, with a protecting hand over all.

The Lord is is the treasure of excellence, the Lord of the Universe, and acts through the Guru.

God, the inner-knower, the searcher of hearts, is all-knowing, unseen and immaculately pure.

The Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord, is the knower of all ways and means.

The Lord is the support of the saints, with the power to give sanctuary. Twenty-four hours each day, I bow in reverence.

The Lord's unspoken speech cannot be understood - I meditate on the feet of the Lord.

The Lord is the saving grace of sinners, and the master of the masterless - Nanak has entered God's sanctuary.

-Guru Arjan Dev Ji

On Purnima, the day of the Full Moon, the light of the soul is shone in full unto the mind. For spiritual teachers, two horoscopes are drawn - one for the first birth, and one for jayanti, the second birth when full self-realisation occurs. The second is said to occur only when the Moon is full.

Today's Full Moon is especially auspicious, being in Taurus, the place of the Moon's exaltation. The Moon in exaltation is embodied by Shri Krishna, who in the Hindu tradition is seen as the remedy to the dark ages of Kali Yuga, as a symbol of universal compassion.

The Moon will have just entered Mrgashira Nakshatra, presided over by Soma, a deification of the Moon as the giver of ecstatic fulfilment.

There are many complex influences on the Moon today , given that the Venus is the shubhapati, the lord of the Moon's sign, and is in the 8th house from it with Saturn, Ketu, and Jupiter. Whereas the Moon in Taurus would usually emit extravagant sensual desires, its rulership being in a conjunction with Venus, Saturn and Ketu constrains these desires and instead heightens bhakti, devotion to the divine.

The lord the Moon's nakshatra is Mars, and is in the 6th house from the Moon, another indication for self-restraint. At the same time, the Moon is preparing to head toward Rahu in the second house from it, a meeting that can produce strong compulsive behaviors and thoughts, according to whatever the influence of Rahu is in a person's own horoscope. The light of the Full Moon should carry one through this conjunction without getting sucked in.

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