• sarabprakash

Retrograde planets - what are they really up to?

When Mercury goes retrograde, which is often, many cries of panic rise to our ears. We know that this means something will go wrong. What this thing is - we aren’t entirely sure. From time to time, all the planets appear to move backwards in the sky. Normally they follow the path of the Sun and Moon, rising in the East and setting in the West. When the planet’s orbit intersects with the orbit of our earth in a certain way, the planet will appear to move in the opposite direction of the Sun and Moon.

This phenomenon is a bit like when you pass another car on the freeway - the other car appears to move backwards, even though you are both traveling in the same direction. This is a helpful YouTube video that shows what’s happening, astronomically:

What does this mean for us?

Vedic Astrology teaches that when a planet is moving backwards, it is acquiring tremendous strength. It is pursuing a desire that it has with huge vigor. It’s like salmon swimming upstream - the strength of their desire makes them defy what is normally natural order. You may have a planet, or many planets, that were retrograde at the time of your birth. These planets are giving you intense desires, that must be fulfilled.

To really know what these desires are, we would need to look at your birth chart and see where the planet is placed and how it is functioning. But, by the general associations of the planet we can already know a lot.

If you were born when Mercury was retrograde, this means that Mercury is pursuing an intense desire. Mercury persuades us to associate with others, to communicate with others, to make use of the thinking mind, can imbue us with great wit, may create a big focus on financial matters, or may give us a love for the plant kingdom.

What we do know, without looking at your chart, is that Mercury will become incredibly strong, over the course of your life. This will take a lot of striving, like swimming upstream. But once you’ve got it, you’ve got it. That planet becomes almost unconquerable, and is a great ally to you.

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