• sarabprakash

Tumult in Sagittarius on December 26, 2019

Today there is a large congress of planets in Sagittarius - Mercury, the Moon, the Sun, Ketu, Jupiter, and Saturn. This is a cacophony, like too many people talking at once. All of this is on top of the eclipse that occurred in the evening, on December 25, here in the West.

Sagittarius is the sign of the battlefield, where one's values are put to the highest test.

Sagittarius, wherever it falls in a person's horoscope, is somewhat overwhelmed at the moment, and you are bound to feel great conflict in this area of your life. By late January, many of these planets have cleared out, and a measure of clarity resumes. This is also an indication that the part of the body that is being indicated by Sagittarius will also be under stress - this is a temporary condition, so no need to worry. Best to ride this one out until the storm passes.

For the following ascendent signs:

Aries - Your life purpose is in conflict, and perhaps your relationship to your father and other elders. The stressed part of the body during this period are the thighs.

Taurus - You may feel intense pressure over debts that you owe - these may be monetary, or other kinds of debts to friends, family and associates. The inner reproductive organs - uterus, ovaries and testicles - are stressed.

Gemini - Your relationships, of all kinds, but especially romantic are under stress. Any business dealings you have, as well, may feel pressurised. The part of the body that is concerned are the outer sex organs - penis and labia.

Cancer - You may feel intense anxiety, and disturbances to your mind like anger, possessiveness, and fleeting distractions. The part of the body that is stressed are the intestines.

Leo - You may feel as though you are losing your footing in the world, and that your authority with others is dissipating. The part of the body that is stressed is the upper abdomen - stomach and liver.

Virgo - Your sense of home and comfort is being pressurised, and you may feel strain in your chest and diaphragm.

Libra - You are not sure where to put forth effort in your life - where to put up a fight, and where not to. The arms and hands are put under strain.

Scorpio - You are unsure of your standing with your family or community, and your sense of security feels threatened. You may also have concerns with your financial savings, and if they can sustain you. The parts of the body that are stressed are the mouth, neck, and vocal cords.

Sagittarius - You are unsure of yourself - your body and mind may feel all awry, and you may also be concerned with how others are perceiving you. The part of the body being stressed is the head - you may experience headaches are other peculiar sensations.

Capricorn - You have concerns around your expenditures, and may have an uncanny sense of something being lost, or being about to lose something - an existential concern. The part of the body that is stressed are the feet.

Aquarius - You are being pressurised around three central issues - your income, aspirations, and your community. The part of the body that is under stress are the calves.

Pisces - There may be conflict in your workplace - or, at least, you perceive it that way.