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Before birth, the soul chooses to be born on a certain day, at a certain time, in a certain place. Depending on these circumstances, the celestial bodies will all be scattered through the sky in a unique configuration. This configuration crystallizes into the newborn being, and creates concentric ripples of vibrational patterns that emanate out from that moment into the rest of that being's life. In the moment of birth, the essence of that being is contained, and the whole of its life is described. 

Just as the soul chooses its moment of birth, so it chooses in every moment which path it will take. Jyotisha does not ascribe to us an unalterable fate. Rather, it is like a sextant that is used to navigate through the night sky of our lives. We build upon our gifts, mitigate our challenges and stay steady upon the path of illumination. 

Studying the natal chart, and the many divisional charts of Jyotisha, can shed light upon our path when it is in shadow. Jyotisha is a science as complex and multilayered as the cosmos itself, and touches upon all aspects of being, both inner and outer. Ultimately, we find that there are really no such distinctions. 



Throughout life, we transition through many dashas - planetary cycles that may bring out hitherto unseen aspects of ourselves, and their reflection in the external world. Not to mention that since the moment of our birth, the planets and stars have continued on their sojourn through the sky. Their positioning relative to the conditions of one's birth chart will also emphasise certain aspects of the birth chart, bringing on new challenges and blessings as time goes on.

It is recommended to have a follow-up consultation every 6 months, to refresh the guidance that has been given in the initial reading. 

Consultations can be conducted over the phone, or video conference. At your request, a recording of the reading will be made available to you.

Payment is accepted via credit card, check, or PayPal, prior to your consultation. 

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